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The Mosquito Slayer Placement Guidelines
Trap placement around a residential home

1. Position the trap away from where you entertain and relax in order to draw the mosquitoes away from you.

2. Place the trap near where the mosquitoes are breeding (wetlands, creeks, standing water etc.).

3. Locate the trap near where mosquitoes rest (trees, shrubs, tall grass) keeping in mind the aim is to draw the mosquitoes away from people.

4. When using carbon dioxide gas (primary attractant for larger catches) please note that the gas is heavier than air and, therefore, the gas will fall and drift downhill. Try to locate the trap on high ground, if placing it on an undulating site. Place the trap above the suspected breeding sites and above the area you want protected when installing on undulating land.

5. The direction of prevailing winds should also be considered when choosing a site as mosquitoes sense their prey from downwind.

6. Face the trap towards the mosquito breeding and resting areas.

7. It is best to place the gas cylinder in the shade and where it will not be knocked or tripped over and secure it safely so it won't topple.

8. The position of an external power point (sometimes located in the meter box) will influence where you place the trap. The electrical cord from the power point to the transformer is 2m. The standard electrical cord from the transformer to the unit is 5m. Other lengths of electrical cords are available.

9. The main gas hose from the gas cylinder to the Master unit is 1.5m. Other lengths of main gas hoses are available.

10. The trap can be mounted to a fence or other suitable upright using 2 screws. A specially designed stand is also available.

11. Keep the trap out of reach of children.

12. Do not place the trap in range of automatic sprinklers.
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