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How the Mosquito Slayer works

The Mosquito Slayer is the first mosquito trap to use ten different lures to attract and kill mosquitoes. A range of proven attractants in special combination incorporated into a single compact unit mimic signals given off by humans, animals and birds to attract female mosquitoes.

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When the mosquitoes draw close to the trap, circulating air forces them into a collection tray of solution where they drown.

A number of factors will influence trap catches such as placement of the trap, operation times and seasonal and environmental conditions. No trap will totally clear a neighbourhood of mosquitoes. However, our Mosquito Slayers are tailored to specific requirements and they will, when used according to best practice, significantly reduce mosquito populations in defined areas and reduce the risk of mosquito-borne disease. For every female mosquito caught, 300 potential offspring will be eliminated.

Only female mosquitoes bite humans and transmit diseases!
To protect your family and yourself from nuisance bites as well as from dangerous disease such as Dengue Fever, Ross River Fever and Murray Valley Encephalitis, female mosquito control is essential. Our Mosquito Slayer Traps are specially designed to attract the female mosquito. A field test showed 99% of the mosquitoes caught by the Mosquito Slayer trap were female, while only 1% was male.

Source: Mosquito Research Laboratory, School of Pharmaceutical, Molecular & Biomedical Sciences, University of South Australia (Williams, Roberts & Kokkin).
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