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10 scientifically proven mosquito attractants

1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2): Mosquitoes can detect the CO2 from a humanís breath from up to 30 metres away. Female mosquitoes use CO2 to orient themselves towards a suitable host to feed on. Carbon dioxide is a primary attractant to most species of mosquitoes and it also enhances the effectiveness of other attractants such as Octenol and Lactic lure.

2. Lactic Lure: Released naturally through human perspiration and animal sweat. Its effectiveness is enhanced by Carbon Dioxide.

3. Heat: Mosquitoes are drawn to the body heat of humans. A heating element in the trap produces a controlled radiating warm surface that closely mimics typical body temperature.

4. Octenol: Octenol is attractive to many species of mosquitoes especially when combined with Carbon Dioxide. Octenol is a naturally occurring by-product that comes from animals that ingest large amounts of vegetable matter, such as cattle.

5. Moisture: The trap produces a moist, warm air stream that simulates human perspiration. Moisture is provided by evaporation induced by the fan-circulated warm air passing over the lactic-water solution in the collection tray.

6. Spectrum Light: Random frequencies of pulsed light are refracted through a prismatic disperser to provide a wide spectrum of attractive light wavelengths to cater to the selective nature of some mosquito species.

7. Ultraviolet Light (UV): UV light attracts certain species particularly night feeders.

8. Sound: Amplified high frequency sound mimics the sound of a blood-feeding female mosquito to attract other females to join in the blood feed.

9. Movement: Mosquitoes are attracted to the movement of potential hosts. The pulsing of the spectrum light gives the illusion of movement to a female mosquito.

10. Colour: Mosquitoes are drawn to dark colours. The black casing of the trap helps mosquito in-flight orientation toward a host.
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